Kathryn Thompson

Undergrad University: 
Brigham Young University
Undergrad Major: 
Physiology and Developmental Biology
Medical School: 
Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine
Fourth Year Medical Student


Why did you choose medicine?

I chose medicine partly because if I could, I would choose everything else as well. Life is rich and there are so many worthwhile things to do. If I could, I would be an actor, a musician, a dancer, an engineer, a professional stunt driver, a teacher, an athlete, a chef - everything. As a teenager, I was heavily involved in both school and academics until I got pretty sick and had to stay in bed for many weeks. I learned that, even though everyone is capable of great things, if we do not have our health, we cannot fully live up to that potential. I recognize that I can't possibly do everything I would like to do in this lifetime. However as a physician, I may be able to help others achieve their potential. Sure, I may not be a professional dancer, but I can help a professional dancer get back on his feet. True, I may never be an engineer, but maybe I can help an engineer get back to her job. By fulfilling my potential as a physician, I can help the world reach its potential.
Ultimately, I feel that I chose medicine as a combination of both choice and inspiration. I am a firm believer that God wants to give us our righteous desires. Everyone has a different path and I am grateful that mine has led me here.

What has been the most rewarding part of your medical career?

My medical career currently consists of a few months in medical school.The most rewarding part of my medical career at present is working side-by-side with my husband who is in my same graduating class. I love pursuing our passion for medicine together. I look forward to many rewarding moments in medicine in the years to come.

What advice would you give to prospective doctors and/or students?

Of all of the many priorities and obligations that come with pursuing a career in medicine, the most important priority to have is your relationship with Heavenly Father. In the midst of all of the responsibilities, it is easy to allow yourself to become lax in your spiritual studies and communications. But it is so important to maintain and strengthen your relationship to God. When deadlines are approaching and life is crazy, God will be your rock and your guide. When everything seems out of control or it looks like you may have missed your chance, our Father in Heaven can make all things possible. He will bring you peace in times of struggle.

What has been your biggest challenge?

I think that the biggest challenge for me so far has been coming to accept that this is God's will for me. The inspiration for me to go to medical school took both me and my husband by surprise but after fasting, prayer, and temple attendance, we came to know this was the right path for our new family. Often, I feel tempted to doubt myself and my purpose in this role. My biggest challenge (and one of my biggest joys) has been to recognize that, even though I may not have planned this, God has had a plan for me all along. He wants us to be happy and sometimes the biggest challenge is accepting His freely-given love.

Anything else we should know?

My husband/best friend, Josh is going to medical school with me. This year has been filled with craziness as we have learned to balance both school and home life. The adventure has been worth it.